Security Systems & Surveillance

We provide a large variety of CCTV surveillance and security cameras for all your commercial, business and residential needs. Closed circuit television (CCTV) is almost a second name for security and surveillance systems. It allows you to monitor your property and/or staff from almost anywhere on the glob, either from your computer or directly on your mobile device ( almost any cellular phone), at any weather, day or night 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.These days technology allows us to track and detect almost any one any where, indoor or outdoor, day or night.

At Metro Local Locksmith, we supply and install CCTV and surveillance systems that are superior in quality and resistance. We provide and install DVR (digital video recording) systems with cameras that provides either live feed or prerecorded signal, directly to your phone or a monitor, we also provide consulting services for security needs, locations and number of cameras, as well as recommending the right type of camera for every specific job, terrain, weather and distance from target.

At Metro Local Locksmith we can accommodate all your security needs with a discreet accurate service that is unique for your needs and for your needs only. We strongly suggest you’ll have a security CCTV system installed at your business place or home whether it’s an apartment or a townhouse.Call us today for a free quote or consultation, we will solve your problem and fix your emergency faster then you can imagine.We fix, replace or install any surveillance system, let Metro Local Locksmith analyze your needs, and gain your peace of mined again, knowing that you’ve got the best in the business taking care of your security needs day or night.