Intercom And Access Control units:

At Metro Local Locksmith, we strive to provide you with the highest most sophisticated ACCESS CONTROL systems in the market, as well as the finest solutions for your INTERCOM SYSTEM needs. There are different types of access control systems: there are those that work with a key-code on a digital pad that eliminates the need of a key, or a more personal finger print bio-metric lock that reads your accessible print or prints that have been previously scanned and introduced to the system or those that work with a magnetic lock, accessible only with a programed RFID card that can be introduced to the system with as a proximity fob by contact or simply swiping it thru.

At Metro Local Locksmith, we specialize in access control. There is no need to have a bunch of keys and carry them around, risking losing your keys or not knowing who has a copy of your keys and where. Commercial or residential, it doesn’t matter, our experienced technicians are equipped and trained to deal with any need in commercial or residential buildings in the city of New York. We can estimate and install the same week, sometimes the same day, whether it’s a magnetic lock with numerous doors locations and over a 100 or more code cards, or a digital key-pad with multiple access codes on it for different staff members and executives.

Don’t jeopardize and risk your information and important assets, there is no need to change all the locks and provide new keys for every one, or carry different keys for different doors every time you let a stuff member or a manager go, you can simply reprogram the code cards or reset the access code on your electronic key pads. We can install, maintain, fix or add video to your existing intercom system. New buildings or old, we do it all.  We will install a new intercom system instead of your old one, or fresh install a complete new one from scratch. By letting Metro Local Locksmith install your intercom system, you can gain your peace of mind back, by knowing exactly who can access your building or office, and more importantly, who can not.

We work and stock all the leading brands in audio-video intercom systems and access control: Aiphone, Comelit, Buterfly and SSS Siedle to name a few.

Our techs and estimators will tailor a costume system specifically around your unique and special needs, with costume plates and hands free monitor units that may have added abilities like mini WIFI and remote cellular phone viewing and access.

Today via reliable internet connection you can access your video feed and unlock your front door from anywhere around the world.

These are exciting times we live in.

If you would like to upgrade your old intercom systems capabilities or your access control, please let us know and we will provide you with the best estimate we know how.

Schlage NDE access control wireless unit.

Aiphone Audio & Video Multitenet Intercom Unit

Intercom Service NYC
Metro Local Locksmith Intercom Repairs & Installations.
  • We provide free estimates for new audio-video intercom systems and access control units.
  • Troubleshooting fee for existing systems @ $295 plus tax.