Residential Locksmith:

Your Apartment Locksmith:

If you or anyone you know uses keys, you better pay attention.

New York City is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and apartments switch hands more than a dollar bill. Between the super, landlord, management company, the construction crew, the painters and electricians, everyone and their sister probably still have the key to your apartment’s front door. Metro Local Locksmith is here to help you choose the right security solution for your apartment or townhouse in a city where everyone is trying to get a piece of you

Metro Local Locksmith provides 24 hour residential locksmith services.  We’ll be at your doorstep to unlock it or change your locks anytime day or night, rain or shine.

Police reports and crime statistics indicates that the vast majority of apartments which got broken into did NOT have a deadbolt lock on the door, Avoid being a statistic and get your locks done right the first time by a licensed professional before it’s too late.


Mortise lockset standard size (91A size)


Mortise lockset heavy duty, commercial size


Jimmy proof deadbolt: with basic cylinder installed


Mortise cylinder: basic cylinder, standard size 1-1/8” in length


High security mortise or rim cylinder: Mul-T-Lock cylinder with a code card at standard size 1-1/8” in length.


High security jimmy proof deadbolt: supplied and installed with Mul-T-Lock cylinder and code card. *No plate included


High security Jimmy proof deadbolt with Mul-T-Lock cylinder and regular top plate supplied and installed


High security jimmy proof Mul-T-Lock deadbolt top guard plate with drill proof cylinder and plate


High security Mul-T-Lock tubular deadbolt supplied and installed including keys and a code card


Basic security tubular deadbolt plus 2 basic keys


Keyed door knob, privacy and bedroom doorknob


Labor, repairs and installations of existing hardware

$150/hr or a part of it