Smart Locks

Smart Locks:

Are you a business owner too tired of replacing your locks each and every time you let one of your employees or managers go? Wouldn’t it be cheaper, faster and easier to program a new access code to replace the old one!? Are you a home owner looking for both security, elegance and ease of use?

Our line of smart locks may be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Metro Locksmith & Intercom offers the latest and most sophisticated products in the market when it comes to smart locks both digital and mechanical.

We supply and install WI-FI enabled locks both levers and deadbolt smart locks.

Schlage NDE series or Kaba simplex, we do it all.

Technology these days eliminates the need to use multiple keys, although you may still opt for a battery or a key (an actual backup cylinder) as an override option for when the battery in your smart access lock dies out (battery life may vary by usage, typically a few years).

Great and simple solution for both residential and commercial applications, electronic (digital) and mechanical code locks may enable you to use a single user code all the way up to thousands of users on the same device.

Finger print biometric locks are available as well.

Now you may send your access code or a guest pass (one time temporary code) to anyone without having to actually give them one of your keys, which means you no longer have to worry about where your spare keys are and who may have a copy of your key.

Many smart locks with wifi and cloud based abilities are turning into an actual access control systems. One that allows you to update codes and access cards on the lock from virtually anywhere, either at the lock interface (tour) or remotely via software and mobile app (no tour).

Other abilities like audit of past logs and users also available via web software.

Whether you need a complete access control to your office, one with cloud capabilities and remote access or a simple smart keyless lock for your apartment, Metro locksmith will find the right lock for you.

Schlage smart deadbolt lock.