Glass and Fire Proof Doors

Doors come in all shapes, sizes and fabrications, some are metal others are wood or glass and some are a mix of them all. In New York City most of the apartment doors are usually made of either hollow metal or combined metal and solid wood (calamine), both options are fire rated, the later is stronger.  A strong door that’s built with the right materials and installed properly, will stand extraordinary forces and burglary attempts.

As your New York City locksmith company, we specialize in all types and makes of doors, both residential and commercial.  Store front glass doors, with or without metal frame with regular or concealed door closers, regular or tempered glass.

Metro Local Locksmith is one of the leading companies when it comes to glass door repairs and installations in the city.  Just because you need your door or gate to be durable and strong, it doesn’t necessarily means it should be ugly.

At Metro Local Locksmith we provide an uncompromising quality service without risking neither strength and practicality, nor beauty elegance and esthetics.

We are capable of dealing with any scale job, whether it’s your front door and lock that needs to be changed, or the doors in the entire building with matching locks and master keys. E-mail, text or give us a call today, we’ll help you choose the right door, lock and security system for your specific needs and budget.

Glass door company

Glass Door Installation NYC
Glass door replacement for a store front installed in SoHo, NYC.