Metro Locksmith telecom and data cabling

In a world that continuously evolves at an expeditious pace, having a high-caliber compressive telecommunications system infrastructure is no longer a luxury, but a must-have. Technology continues to improve minute-by-minute, and through Metro Security & Intercom, we are here to enhance, boost and solve your security and telecom needs second-by-second.

Metro Local Locksmith is your one-stop provider, from equipping and installing high security Mul-T-Lock system on your doors, to a security and surveillance system, to an intercom and access control unit, to glass and fire proof doors, to a structured telecommunications system, including open rack and close rack building, cable labeling, and IT room organizing. You can consolidate your operational cost, as well as reducing your maintenance needs, by hiring one company over using multiple companies who will continually overcharge and over quote you.

Through Metro Local Locksmith, we can provide a system that will be designed in accordance with standards created by the EIA/ITA and ASNI, by using fiber optic, cat 5e and cat6 cables, and will include horizontal cabling, backbone cabling, telecommunications room, a work area, equipment room, and an entrance facility. We can provide a structure that will provide security, stability and a continuous flow of information through a steady performance that will accommodate any new technology and changes to your network, from any size or venue, from a small family-run hotel to a large commercial property, from a small start-up company ready to connect their vision to an already established company looking to upgrade their security and infrastructure system.

Metro Local Locksmith will conduct a free inspection and estimate of your venue to ensure that a proper network infrastructure can be established onsite, as well as a guarantee in all of our workmanship going forward, all done by one of our certified and expert technicians. Let Metro Security & Intercom work for you and help you build a safer and more secure tomorrow by calling us today!

With unorganized cables, even an attempt to alter one cable can cause network unnecessary stress and errors which could be nearly impossible to backtrack.