High Security Mul-T-Lock

Mul-T-Lock has become the choice of security professionals all over the world and it is defiantly our first pick here at Metro Locksmith.

Keys can not be made nor duplicated by a reputable locksmith, without a specific code card that has the key information and the owners information as it appears on his or hers I.D, with a valid signature. MUL-T-LOCK makes a large variety of locks and cylinders, amongst them you’ll find the high security mortise lockset, the high security mortise and rim cylinders, high security tubular single and double sided dead bolts, levers and door knobs for both commercial and residential applications.

Now days MUL-T-LOCK, is a world leader in high security systems, locks and cylinders, both the lock and the key are durable and extremely strong, all MUL-T-LOCK cylinders are extremely hard to pick or bump with a common bump key that can easily open most ordinary locks and cylinders.

A high security lock can provide peace of mined and keep you safe, keep your business secure, and your data and information unreachable, it provides you with the certainty of knowing who has your key, but more importantly who has not, it can be combined on a master key system for offices and other large scale companies, it can be installed in many forms on almost any door, whether it’s a glass door with an Adams Rite lock, a metal door with a mortise cylinder or a double sided tubular dead bolt on a security metal gate on your back yard or terrace gate can be transformed into a high security door by switching the hardware on it to a MUL-T-LOCK hardware.

MUL-T-LOCK is one of the only lock brands in the New York greater area that can not be picked (at least not easily), it is guaranteed for a life time, The strength of the materials combined with the shape of the key and the structure of the pins in the cylinder makes the MUL-T-LOCK, a high security lock that is almost impossible to defeat. Inside every MUL-T-LOCK cylinder there are double pins, exterior pins and inner pins, the exterior pins are bigger and hollow, the inner pins are smaller and full, the small telescopic pins fit right in to the big ones and create a double pin that can not be beaten by any other lock on the market today.

MUL-T-LOCK keeps innovating every year as the industry’s needs evolve and as technology rapidly changes and advance, today we offer restricted keyway for your high security MUL-T-LOCK which means without the code card not only no one can duplicate your keys but the key blank is restricted in a way that only we stock it nation wide.

If you are a building owner or a management company and would truly like to know no one else can make copies of your keys, we strongly recommend our high security restricted keyways (4861) by MUL-T-LOCK.

As New York City locksmiths, Metro Local Locksmith is a proud provider of MUL-T-LOCK, cylinders and high security locks, we provide other high security brands as well, but we always recommend MUL-T-LOCK first, and for a few good reasons:

  • MUL-T-LOCK has a large variety of cylinders in all shapes, finishes and sizes.
  • It is the most durable lock in the locksmith industry today.
  • No one can make copies of your keys but you, so you always know where your keys are and who has a copy of your keys.
  • A basic Adams Rite, mortise mechanism or a regular jimmy proof dead bolt, can be transformed into a high security lock in a matter of minutes, by changing the cylinder to a MUL-T-LOCK cylinder with a code card, in other words it can be fitted on almost any lock.
  • Both costumer and locksmith friendly, it can be retro fitted onsite with no issues.
  • Extremely friendly and professional costumer care by MUL-T-LOCK USA costumer service.
  • For extra security we are now offering our own restricted keyway in the form of the MUL-T-LOCK CLASSIC PRO 4861 keyway.

The peace of mined you have knowing your property is secured with the toughest, strongest lock in the industry today. When it comes to security, the one of your loved ones or your company’s data and information, the real question you need to ask yourself is not whether you can afford a high security lock or restricted “DO NOT DUPLICATE” keyway, but whether you can afford NOT to? Only you can answer, how much is too much to risk, at Metro Locksmith, we always recommend MUL-T-LOCK first. We carry in our vehicles at all times, MUL-T-LOCK and other high security locks for your security and safety.

If you are not completely sure wether MUL-T-LOCK is the right lock for you or would like to ask us a question or consult regarding a lock dilemma, please feel free to give us a call today for a free consultation, we’ll be happy to stand by and help you upgrade the security around you and your loved ones.

High Security Mul-T-Lock On A Metal Gate

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High Security Mul-T-Lock On A Metal Gate

Restricted 2865 CLASSIC PRO keyway by Mul-T-Lock

Restricted 4861 CLASSIC PRO keyway by Mul-T-Lock