Month: August 2011

You step out of fairway on the upper west side or wholefoods in Chelsea you reach into your pocket just to realize you have no idea where your car keys are.

Most of us at some point will lose our car keys, with today’s life style and speed it’s something you just can’t avoid, ( or almost can’t avoid ).

Sure it helps if you have a spare copy of your car keys in a place that you can actually reach, but lets face it, most of us don’t have one.

So you probably ask yourselves what can you do if god forbid you end up in a situation like that ?

Well it’s actually pretty simple, you can sit on the floor and cry your eyes out or you can call a locksmith that would come to you and make you a new set of your car keys and program them if necessary.

Now that’s where it gets a bit tricky, the web is full of fake locksmith lists and sites, even on a reliable search engine like Google, you can still get fake results. so if you are in New York City or the Tri-state area call us at Metro Local Locksmith and we’ll treat you right i guarantee you that if on another area or state simply call a few locksmiths and get more then one quote, make sure you ask for the location and name of the company as well as for the technicians name.

Bottom line is this: you’ve already been burned once by loosing your car keys, don’t get burned again by letting a phony locksmith reap you off.

When you need a replacement car key cut to your doors and ignition, call Metro Local Locksmith and get it over with, the price will be fair and the service will be with a smile.

Ho and one last thing… try not to lose your car keys to begin with (-:


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