Month: April 2012

A spare key for your car may seem like a luxury but when you really need one it can be a very expensive and unpleasant experience.

Getting a spare key for your car when you have a working key is much cheaper then getting one when you have no working keys.

When having no keys at all  you are more vulnerable and your options are limited, you can either call a locksmith who would have to come to you or you can tow your car to the dealer who would charge you harm and a leg for new keys and you have to pay for the towing .

A locksmith can make you a spare key for your vehicle even a chipped one with a transponder transmitter for a very low price.

So call Metro Local Locksmith before you’ve lost the only set of keys you’ve  got, we will come to you for no charge, duplicate your existing key and program it if necessary.

Call or click today and see for yourself how much time and money our automotive locksmith service can save you.

When you need a locksmith…      Metro Local Locksmith.

Give us a call today…   you’ll be glad you did !!!

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