Month: October 2011

We at Metro Local Locksmith specialize in all aspects of automotive locksmithing.

If it’s a transponder key withe a chip in it, a laser cut style key for a newer car or a new ignition lock for your pick-up truck, we do it all,  on the spot and for a very affordable prices.

There is no need to have your vehicle towed to the dealership any more, when you call us at Metro Local Locksmith we will be there at the same day usually on the same hour, make you a new key and program the transponder chip if necessary.

If your keys have been stolen we can easily make you some new ones and while we are at it we can also erase the old keys from your computer so that no one can use them any more in order to snatch your car away.

I guarantee you we will always be there as your local locksmith company day or night to provide you with emergency and non emergency auto / car locksmith service 24/7.

At Metro Local Locksmith we do not charge you extra for late nights or weekends, so you can call us at any time day or night to have your key made.

So at the end it’s very simple, try not to loose your car keys to begin with, but stuff happens and if god forbids you HAVE lost your car keys, then just give us a call and we’ll solve your problem fast and with less pain then you think.


Metro Local Locksmith provides high security pick proof locks with key restrictions to the metro New York area.

We proude ourselfs in keeping in stock the most up to date high security locks in the market today.

Metro Local Locksmith sale, repair and install high security Mul-T-Lock cylinders and lock-sets.

If you are looking for a dependable, pick proof and key restricted ( DO NOT DUPLICATE ), keys and locks, Mul-T-Lock is just what you need.

Each and every Mul-T-Lock cylinder or lock is 100% pick and bump proof, more over, all Mul-T-Lock cylinders and locks come with a special plastic card ( code card ) for future key duplications, only you ( the card holder ) can make more copies of your high security key.

So when you really need security, safety or just want to know who has a copy of your key, contact us at Metro Locl Locksmith and one of our locksmiths will give you an estimate for the right high security lock that would fit right on your door and with your budget.


If you are moving in to a new apartment in the city, don’t risk your privacy and safety in the hands of strangers.

You just can’t tell how many keys are out there, duplicates of your new apartment keys have been made by the management company, by the landlord, by your broker, by the construction crew and by the super. ( and probably a few other people ).

When it comes to your safety and security don’t hesitate and don’t spend even one night unsecured, as amazing and colorful New York City is, it’s also just as dangerous.    Don’t be naive and Innocent, robberies in New York are happening every single night.

The first thing you should do after moving in to a new apartment is to call us at Metro Local Locksmith,  it doesn’t mater what time of the day or night it is, we will be there to make sure you can lock your door at night and that you and only you have the copies of your front door keys.

So if you are moving in to a new apartment, lost your keys or if your keys have been compromised in any way, call Metro Local Locksmith and we will fix your emergency in no time.


How to spot the right locksmith in New York City is not a simple task.

The city on New York is full of fake so called  “Locksmith”  listings, the problem is even bigger on line and on Google maps especially.

These scammers will tempt you in to their trap using the old   “switch & bait”  tactics,  quoting you a very  low price over the phone and then once on site charging you 3-4 times the original quote.

Fake locksmith companies like the last one would usually use an add that says something like  ” $15 NYC Locksmith Service “.      be very careful when you see an ad that looks like that.

Always ask and make sure you fully understand who you are dealing with and where they are located,   I promise you that 70-80% of them aren’t even located in New York, ( they are call centers located on a different state ).

If the locksmith company is actually located in the city, make sure you know where and don’t be surprised to learn that the location down the block next to your apartment on the upper west side doesn’t really exist or matches the company’s original location.

Many locksmith companies will have a large number of locations and web sites on Google and other search engines, obviously none of them exist.

So when the day comes and you actually need a security professional or a locksmith to change your locks, make you a new car key or get you back in to your vehicle or apartment, don’t hesitate and call us at Metro Local Locksmith, we will let you know all of our information including location and locksmith license number.

When you really need a locksmith in New York don’t get reaped off by phony locksmiths and don’t fall for the oldest trick in the book of ONLY “$15 Locksmith Service”.