October 13, 2011 / admin
How to spot the right locksmith in New York City is not a simple task.

The city on New York is full of fake so called  "Locksmith"  listings, the problem is even bigger on line and on Google maps especially.

These scammers will tempt you in to their trap using the old   "switch & bait"  tactics,  quoting you a very  low price over the phone and then once on site charging you 3-4 times the original quote.

Fake locksmith companies like the last one would usually use an add that says something like  " $15 NYC Locksmith Service ".      be very careful when you see an ad that looks like that.

Always ask and make sure you fully understand who you are dealing with and where they are located,   I promise you that 70-80% of them aren't even located in New York, ( they are call centers located on a different state ).

If the locksmith company is actually located in the city, make sure you know where and don't be surprised to learn that the location down the block next to your apartment on the upper west side doesn't really exist or matches the company's original location.

Many locksmith companies will have a large number of locations and web sites on Google and other search engines, obviously none of them exist.

So when the day comes and you actually need a security professional or a locksmith to change your locks, make you a new car key or get you back in to your vehicle or apartment, don't hesitate and call us at Metro Local Locksmith, we will let you know all of our information including location and locksmith license number.

When you really need a locksmith in New York don't get reaped off by phony locksmiths and don't fall for the oldest trick in the book of ONLY "$15 Locksmith Service".