Month: May 2014

Many New Yorkers may be lucky enough to get through life without ever needing the services of a professional upper west side locksmith while living in the city. They may be able to go through a series of residences, either owned or rented where there is never a problem with any of the locks or security features associated with the residence, but the realties of life in the big city, especially for any long-term residents of the upper west side, are such that you can expect the need for the occasional services of a locksmith for either a residence or automobile. At the very least, most people have had to get an extra set of keys made before.


A professional upper west side locksmith in NYC probably offers some or all of following services: lock installation, repairing and re-keying locks, making duplicate keys or cards, generating or programming new cards and keys for any locks where the keys and cards may have been lost or stolen, installing deadbolts and other electronic locking devices for the security of homes, businesses, cars, as well as miscellaneous response services for emergency calls at any hour to calls to unlock cars, homes and businesses where the affected owners or personnel are locked out.
An upper west side locksmith in New York City may be called up to handle electronic alarm and surveillance system installation as well. They may need to possess specific design skills and possess a command of a large range of services for electronic access control options including closed circuit television systems known as “CCTV.” With current advancements in computer and networking systems that are to be integrated with traditional locking as well as CCTV systems, the modern-day, 2014 upper west side locksmith is expected to command a range of knowledge and skills like never before. He may have to maintain security hardware and software along with a widely up to date knowledge of computer and IT related issues in addition to his trusty bag of tools, keys and locks. Unlike ever before, the upper west side locksmith is called upon to wear many hats professionally, as a master of these many areas in the field.
Regarding the area of safes: A professional upper west side locksmith may be asked to assist in providing services to sell and install safes for residential or business usage.

Banks and other financial services institutions are prime examples of businesses that have a regular need for services by a trusted locksmith company. Vault access, doors, safety deposit boxes, and time locks are just a few examples here or the type of private financial security services that an upper west side locksmith may encounter in the upper west side market of NYC.


Duplicating keys is one of the major staples of the upper west side locksmith trade. To do this, the key-duplicating machine is the tool of the trade. A customer’s pattern key and a virgin blank (key blank) are both clamped into the machine while the locksmith will activate the machine to move across the master/pattern key.

The cutting rotor blade will carve out the new, duplicate key from the blank, and a good upper west side locksmith worth his or her salt will be sure to test the results or encourage the customer to do the same and to return for any fine tuning if perfect usability results are not achieved on the first cutting. This may often be the case with a locksmith is using a non first generation copy of the original key.

There is rarely a situation more frustrating that when you realize that you’ve left keys locked in car. Retrieving your keys from your locked vehicle becomes your most important task and to do so, you need a partner that is willing and capable of helping you get back on the road fast. While there are several outlets from which to choose in the New York Metropolitan area, one service remains he regions best choice in solving your needs the right way, the first time; Metro Local Locksmith.



The most critical aspect of any locksmith service is the experience and equipment each locksmith brings to the job. An inexperienced locksmith with inadequate tools will not only fail to settle your problem correctly, but the inability to help you will waste time. No one has time to waste when your keys are locked in car, which is why selecting the areas most reputable locksmith services company is so important.


The main issues in getting into your vehicle to retrieve your keys surround the locksmiths ability to negotiate the challenges presented by your vehicle’s locking system. Newer models incorporate technology that demands state-of-the-art locksmith tools to get the job done. Metro Local Locksmith professionals are highly-trained locksmiths and come equipped with tools that are used to retrieve the keys from even the most advanced car locking systems. Customers with transponders and other keyless entry systems are able to be helped by a staff of locksmiths that come prepared for whatever your car manufacturer throws at them. The result is a swift process of getting you back on track immediately.


The experts at Metro Local Locksmith are dedicated toward meaning sure each customer is satisfied throughout the process of solving their locksmith needs. This attention to customer service extends beyond your interaction with one of our highly-trained locksmiths. Our reputation for customer care begins the moment you contact our toll-free hotline at 1-877-LOCAL-20. A courteous customer service agent will field your call ready to record your information and dispatch a locksmith to your location right away. Whether you are stranded at work, at home, anywhere in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, or anywhere in the metropolitan area, we are able to send a helpful locksmith to your precise location to address any and all of your vehicle lock needs.


The next time you are faced with keys locked in car, trust the locksmith service that has built a reputation as the area’s most trusted locksmith services company. Metro Local Locksmith combines quality customer service, expert locksmiths who are all licensed, bonded, and insured, with fast and reliable service to get you on your way in no time at all.


Metro Local Locksmith – what to do if you’ve lost your car keys or locked them in the car.