Month: July 2013

Allmost every store front in the city of new york have a roll down gate in front of it, what we call a ” roll down store front gate “.

Some of these gates have an engine, others are manual, with or without an electronic key-switch, but all of them with no exceptions will stop work at some point.

When that happens you don’t really know what’s going on, the only thing you do know is that if you can’t open your gate you can’t open you store and make money, there are many different reasons for why a roll down store front gate will stop working, it can be the chain or the engine, the spring at the top of the mechanism or the links in the gate it self that got frozen stuck.

Imagen your store has to stay open for the night ( fully exposed ) because you can’t get your rolling gate down to lock it!

Luckily you have the guys at Metro Local Locksmith on your side 24/7 in manhattan and the 5 boroughs, when you call us ( day or night ) you get a pro locksmith to answer the phone ( not a dispatch who knows nothing about locks and gates ), we will give you a free estimate over the phone of what we think the problem is and we’ll be there to fix it same day ( or night ).

If the problem is a part replacement, a part we don’t have and/or can’t get during the weekend or night time, we will get your gate to a position where it can be rolled up or down ( what ever you need ) so that you can operate it and lock or unlock your business, we will get the necessary parts for you the day after and complete the job the right way if we can’t complete it the same day for some reason.

So give us a call at Metro Local Locksmith today, we’ll save you time and money.

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