October 16, 2011 / admin
If you are moving in to a new apartment in the city, don't risk your privacy and safety in the hands of strangers.

You just can't tell how many keys are out there, duplicates of your new apartment keys have been made by the management company, by the landlord, by your broker, by the construction crew and by the super. ( and probably a few other people ).

When it comes to your safety and security don't hesitate and don't spend even one night unsecured, as amazing and colorful New York City is, it's also just as dangerous.    Don't be naive and Innocent, robberies in New York are happening every single night.

The first thing you should do after moving in to a new apartment is to call us at Metro Local Locksmith,  it doesn't mater what time of the day or night it is, we will be there to make sure you can lock your door at night and that you and only you have the copies of your front door keys.

So if you are moving in to a new apartment, lost your keys or if your keys have been compromised in any way, call Metro Local Locksmith and we will fix your emergency in no time.