July 9, 2012 / admin
locksmith business is not like any other regular service provider,

when a locksmith is providing a service for a costumer he is giving him one of

the most precious thing of all - security - whatever if it's an apartment lock change or a car key replacement.

As a New York city locksmith my clients security is extremely important for me, therefore here are some important tips I would like to share with you guys:

1. don't leave your house keys under the door math at the door! and yes not at the top of your door frame, or

in the lovely plant on the side.

2. when you are on  vacation at a beautiful sunny island ( I'm not talking about Jersey shore..), make sure to ask your friends or your neighbour to collect your mail out of the mail box. A huge pile of mail at your door step can tell everybody you are not at home.

3. and of curse how can I not talk about Facebook...you probably heard about the app - places- Facebook users can update

their location at every single moment. my suggestion be carefull! lots of people can take advantage of that and break into your house when you are parting at Jersey shore.

4. As a locksmith I would like to give you a very important advice, when you call a locksmith always make sure that he has an updated  locksmith licenses from the state of New York. Don't let amateurs deal with your safety!

I would love to hear from you guys about your experiences with locksmiths at the metro new york area

Enjoy your summer!