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Metro Local Locksmith have been providing quality locksmith service to the upper west side in general and the 10024 zip code area in particular for the past 8 years or so.

We know the upper west side like the back of our hand.

Every neighborhood in Manhattan is different and has it's own identity and trademarks, the upper west side isn't the same neighborhood like the upper east side and the upper east side isn't like hell's kitchen.

We take pride in our neighborhood and we know you do too, we're local, that means we're available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week for no extra charge without a long wait out for your locksmith to arrive.

All too often we get a call from a client that's been waiting for hours, (no exaggeration here, sometimes 2-3 hours!!!) only to find out they've been waiting on a locksmith company from a different neighborhood or out of town all together, while we could have been there in less than 20 minutes.    Sometimes it's even worse, it's a call center that's located out of state or completely out of the country.

Being local means we've been to most blocks and buildings on the upper west side and that we have an intimate relationship with local businesses, supers, management companies and door-mans.    We've probably been to your building numerous times in the past as well, we know the cross street of your building just by it's name or street address.

Emergency locksmith calls and late night calls are where it makes the most difference, (on your pocket and how long you'll have to spend waiting) on who you call.   A real local locksmith company won't charge you any extra service charge just because it's an emergency call or because it's night time and they had to drive all the way from Queens or Brooklyn to get to you.

Our upper west side locksmith service is truly second to none, we will beat any price for a lockout or lock change from any competitor in town, we will also beat any ETA on the upper west side.

Most business owners on Amsterdam or Broadway ave know us and our techs by our first name, supers and door-mans on Central Park West and West End Ave have our number on speed dial and local real-estate agents have been working with us since before most of you have moved to New York.

There's peace of mind in knowing you've called a local locksmith in your neighborhood. You know us, you know us even if you haven't used our locksmith service before.   You've been hearing about us from your local barber shop or the neighborhood bar, you've probably seen our van or truck double parked more than once in the past while we serviced a restaurant's locks on Columbus ave and you've probably heard a friend tells another friend about their experience with our company.

Our mission is to be the best locksmith company on the upper west side and New York City, we ask that you'd trust us with your business and that you'd give us a chance to serve you and show you how our experience and professionalism sets us apart from the competition.

Online reviews can go a long way in portraying a company's character and reliability, that's why our Yelp page has nothing but great reviews and 5 stars rating!

You won't find a more trust worthy locksmith company on the upper west side and that's fact.

So don't get scammed and shop local on the upper west side with Metro Local Locksmith.

Rock on New York!


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