March 19, 2017 / admin
Metro Local Locksmith provides 24 hour locksmith services in 10024 and near 10024 zip code area.

If you live near 10024 and are in a need of a locksmith, than we are your local locksmith company.

We're the most flexible by far when it comes to arrival times and the amount of regular and high security cylinders in inventory.

Although there are many locksmith companies near 10024 zip code area, we can assure you that none of them will work harder then we will to gain your business and your trust, we know you make a choice every day by deciding where and how you're going to spend your money and we appreciate you choosing to spend it with us and invest it in a higher security locks and costumer service that consists of more than just taking your name, address and phone number.

When looking for a locksmith near 10024 zip code area Metro Local Locksmith has the most yelp reviews and the most 5 star reviews by far than any other locksmith company on the upper west side in general in near 10024 zip code area in particular.

Bottom line is this: use your common seance, if it doesn't make any, don't do it.

Many locksmith companies are using very aggressive online advertising campaigns and less then honest selling technics, bait and switch practices and flat out lying on the phone in order to get your business.

We strongly recommend that you'll do a bit off digging up and research before calling a local locksmith company on the upper west side or anywhere else for that matter.

Finding out if a specific locksmith is licensed would be a good start, always check for address on the company's invoice and always ask for a receipt.

A locksmith company's name should be the same on their website as well as on their invoices, the same phone number should appear on both as well.

Please don't hesitate and contact us any time with any question @ (646) 450-6320 or online @