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We've all been there, we're all way too familiar with that "oh shit" moment, that moment when you realize a split second too late you've done some thing extremely stupid, you just got locked out without your keys.

That moment can mean many different things to many different people, but from our past experience (and we have a lot of it) it means one thing, you have a problem!

Whether it's your office, apartment or vehicle you got locked out of, now would be a good time to find a solution to the problem and not panic,  because panicking would just make your situation worse and siting on the floor crying your eyes out isn't going to help you get back inside.

It's important not to make a mistake at this point by calling  a random locksmith from a shady business card that was placed on the door or an even shadier sticker that was left on the intercom unit, doing so would just get you ripped off by an unlicensed locksmith.

Theres an excellent piece in the NY times about fake locksmiths and what to avoid, it's worth reading.

In many cases the price these fake companies quote on the phone is 3-5 times lower than what they are actually meaning (and going) to charge you on site once their locksmith will get there.

If it feels fishy, it probably is and it ain't the hudson river.

Whenever deciding on a service provider, in this case a locksmith professional, one should try and have a number of a local company BEFORE they actually reach a situation where they need one to begin with.

One great tool you've got on your side (assuming you have your mobile device handy) is Yelp.

Check out the locksmith company you're about to call, read the reviews, see the pictures they've uploaded, company members should have their photo in there as well, that will give you a better understanding of who is about to come to your aid and who you're dealing with.

I know perfectly well that no one plans on getting locked out in the middle of the night during a snow storm and that some emergency locksmith needs happen out of the blue, like a lost car key, a stubborn bedroom lock or a safe that just wouldn't open when you're 2 hours before your flight and your passport (with that horrible picture from 8 years a go) is conveniently locked in it.

Luckily if you're in New York, especially on the upper west side, we got you covered.

Metro Local Locksmith has flat fees for almost any type of locksmith emergency you can think of, we're open 24 hours a day and our 24 hour locksmith service is for no extra charge, yes that's right, we charge the same service fee we charge during the day so you don't have to pay more just because you've made a mistake or because a situation was forced upon you.

You may call it accident forgiveness if you will, we strongly believe in fair prices and honest treatment because we see our relationship with you for the long haul, for years to come, we know we have your loyalty and business and that returning costumers become a part of the family.

Our 5 stars reviews on Yelp and stellar reputation took many years and a lot of hard work to achieve, and we ain't about to throw it away over some higher prices and aggressive selling tactics.

Our upper west side locksmith service will get you back inside fast and without burning a hole in your pocket, that's why our costumers keep coming back when ever they need a locksmith service, any locksmith service!

Some of our corporate accounts have been with us for so long (practically from the very beginning) that even they don't remember when they got on board.

[caption id="attachment_613" align="alignnone" width="300"] A townhouse on the upper west side.[/caption]

So don't let one mistake ruing your day, call Metro Local Locksmith for the best experience you've ever had with any service provider period.
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Metro Local Locksmith provides top of the line emergency locksmith services and responds to all of our clients locksmith needs: auto locksmith, residential locksmith and commercial locksmith in New York City and the upper west side.

[caption id="attachment_608" align="alignnone" width="300"] Ben standing by the newest addition to our vehicle fleet.
The all new 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee.[/caption]

The reason we can be any where, any time 24 hours a day is our great fleet of vehicles that enables us to travel to our costumers at any giving moment.

Even with no experience of running a service business you must imagine how hard it is to control so many moving parts and making sure every morning and every night that our trucks are ready, equipped, well maintained and up and running.

We make it easy on ourselves by using top of the line cars.

Yes, it actually costs us more to use better, newer and more equipped vehicles but that's what gets the job done at the end of the day.

Don't nickel and dime when it comes to your business's transportation and your employees safety.

It would be extremely embarrassing if we had to call one of our costumers in the middle of the night and tell them that their emergency locksmith is running late because our vehicle didn't start!

You can't help a stranded client who's stuck with no car keys or no way of getting back in his or hers apartment if you can't get there to begin with.

Being able to get to our calls in a timely manner each and every time enables us to provide quality and consistence locksmith service that is truly second to none.

As always if you have any questions what so ever about any of our locksmith services you're more then welcome to contact us at anytime with any question, big or small.

(646) 450-6320

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A new access control unit with a new audio and video intercom system for a co-op building provided and installed by us in the east village.

At Metro Local Locksmith we provide hi-tech solution to co-ops and building owners.

When it comes to your intercom and access control system you really want to go with the best locksmith out there, not the cheapest one!

Security, elegance, technology and ease of use are all variables in the equation that dictates what brand of access control system and intercom unit a specific building or townhouse  should get.

It's not always the most expensive system that's right for you, it must answer your needs, starting with the very basic one and of course it must fit your budget.

Give us a call @ (646) 450-6320 or visit our commercial locksmith service page to turn more.

If you still have any questions or would like some more info on who we are, visit our home page to see what's what and why we are different than most locksmith companies in New York.

[caption id="attachment_605" align="alignnone" width="300"] Intercom and access control system.[/caption]
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Emergency Locksmith
It is essential to know a quality locksmith that you can count on and trust when the unexpected happens, such as when your key breaks off in the lock, lose your apartment or car keys, locking yourself out of your apartment because of a self-locking door knob or your access control system lock is unresponsive. Don’t panic because you know that you can count on the professionals at Metro Local Locksmith who will respond to your call in minutes with fast and courteous service.

Calling a Locksmith in New York
You want to be prepared and find a reputable locksmith before you need one. Most people don’t do this and wait until they are locked out of their apartment or car and then desperately call a random locksmith where they increase their probability of getting scammed when an unlicensed, so called locksmith shows up and charges astronomical fees for subpar work. When searching for a locksmith company, you want one that is licensed, local and has the reputation of consistently providing prompt, reasonable rates with professional service. If you need a locksmith right now because you are locked out or you are just doing your due diligence so you can be prepared for when the unexpected happens, then visit Metro Local Locksmith’s Yelp page, which averages 5 star reviews and you will see how we have exceeded our customers’ expectations each and every time!! You can count on us to be there for you 24/7 to take care of all your locksmith needs.
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Every couple of years the NY Times does a piece about the subject.

Every time this issue surfaces we see the same reactions:

Google has been doing a good job trying to keep the fraudulent locksmiths to a minimum.

This phenomenon isn't just going to go away on it's own, so buyer be ware:

Always double check on that the said business is legit, has been around long enough and has reviews from multiple users. ( you're looking for a 4 stars average as a minimum ), most local businesses will be displayed on Yelp.

Check for a locksmith license and make sure the address on the invoice matches the name and address on the company's website or ad.

Address On Car

(local companies would have the address displayed on the vehicle in most cases).

Check out our Yelp page with 5 star review average!

Take a few minutes to read the Times article on the subject.
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Philosophy of service ( why we do what we do ):

The locksmith industry in America, and in particular, New York City, has a very bad reputation, and not without good reason.

There’s a lot of misleading information and not-so-honest marketing techniques going around out there by dishonest companies.

On one hand, a lot of these companies or dispatch centers will tell you exactly what you want to hear on the phone, while on the other hand, these same companies will do the exact opposite of what was agreed upon when they arrive for help.

These companies will use the old bait and switch methods by letting a customer think a specific service will cost a certain amount while actually charging seven or eight times more.

It is a truly reprehensible tactic, but that’s becoming the standard in the industry today.

When I first started in this industry, I worked for a locksmith company who implemented these dirty methods. This company would quote a costumer an intentionally low price on the phone - a price they had no intention to honor, and would then order the technician to hike up the price on site as high as possible.
It did not take long before I understood what type of people I was working for, and decided to go out on my own and establish a brand that was unlike these other companies - Metro NYC Locksmith.

Metro NYC Locksmith is a collaboration of vibrant, young and energetic professionals who share the same ideas, beliefs and values - that there is a better, more honest and cleaner way to do business while being a local locksmith in New York City.

This is why Metro Locksmith came to be, and why our Yelp reviews are amazing, proving that we do as we say, 100% of the time, day in and day out!

We believe in transparency and clarity with our costumers. As far as I’m concerned, it’s our core value. We believe that a FULL price for a specific job, project or service should be given prior to the job being done. We believe a locksmith company should have clear prices for cut-clean services on its Web site, and that if a price can’t be quoted over the phone, a general price that is close to reality should be given instead to a customer. We believe there is no room for ‘beginning prices’, ‘minimum prices’, or an asterisk next to any service on a ‘price list’, with a fine print so minuscule and hidden, most customers will never notice it.IMG_3371.( MVP pro key programmer by advanced diagnostic ).

We grew sick of those scams and dodgy techniques.
We believe in a different approach to locksmithing and security services - you don't have to pay an arm and a leg in order to get quality, professional and courteous locksmith service.

We are definitely not the cheapest locksmith company out there, but I promise you this, we’re not the most expensive either.
What sets us apart, and what makes us different, is that with us, you'll know exactly what you get every single time. If you’re looking for the cheapest service, Metro NYC Locksmith is not the best solution for you. But if honesty, quality, fair prices, and great craftsmanship are a priority for you, then you have come to the right place at Metro NYC Locksmith.

We will answer all of your questions patiently and with respect. We’ll email you an estimate or order your parts as soon as we can, as fast as humanly possible.
The idea is actually very simple - we’d like to treat you the way you would like to be treated yourself, because we expect others to treat us with the same respect and honesty that we’ve become accustomed to. These are some of the very basic elements of decent human behavior we seem to have lost along the way.

We won’t lose track of what is important, and we won’t get blindsided by money as we grow with more and more corporate accounts and new clients. We won’t forget WHY we started Metro NYC Locksmith to begin with - because we wanted to make a difference, and because we wanted to prove that there is another way that it can be done – honestly, with quality, fair prices, and great craftsmanship.  The Metro NYC Locksmith way.

If you're a likeminded person, we invite you to join in on the fun.
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We all know it, right after christmas you start and rethink the year that's about to go in books.

That week between christmas and new years, resolution week: yea right, you're gonna go to the gym, stop eating junk and drink more water.

These decisions typically last 3-4 days on January.

So why don't you make simpler resolutions it'll be easier to keep.

From the people who brought you #lockthefuckup we bring you:

Security and locksmith resolutions for the new year:

  1. That's the most important one so pay attention, this year you'll only call us at Metro Locksmith (646) 450-6320.

  2. On this new year you'll make a spare key to your car Before you'll lose it.

  3. You'll change that crapy lock on your apartment's door you've been contemplating to change since you've moved in 3 years ago.

  4. This year you'll make a copy of your apartment's door Before you'll lose it.

  5. Install that video camera system you've been saying you'll install for a year now, your business security is no joke buddy.

  6. 2016 will be the year in which you will never loose your key.

  7. Make a habit of checking your pockets frequently ignored to make sure you've got it.

New year, new you new decisions.

Have a great year,

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December 29, 2015 / admin
December 28, 2015 / admin
It sounds easy enough right ? Well, it isn't.

If you take into account that ironically  most people have their spare set of keys either in their apartment or in their car, it starts to make perfect sense.

The fact that you've lost your keys, and your spare ( if you even have one ) is in your apartment behind a locked door doesn't really help you right ?

Same thing happens when you've accidentally locked your main set of house or car keys in the car, and your other single most important spare key to your car is where ?  Exactly, it's in your glove compartment or center counsel INSIDE your locked vehicle.

So having a spare key doesn't always yield salvation!

Here are some tips from us to you ( the residents of the upper west side ):

  1. Always lock your apartment or car door with the actual key ( than you know for a fact you have it and it's not locked inside ), instead of using the push button or the self auto lock function on the door.

  2. Make a habit of touching your pockets ( only your pockets buddy, don't get any funny ideas here ),   and feel your keys, phone and wallet very now and then or whenever you get up and move from place to place during the day.

  3. Spare key (maybe that should've been #1 ), make sure you have one!

  4. After making that desired spare key make sure you're placing it in a logic place, one which you'll remember and have access to when time comes.

  5. If you choose to leave a spare key with a friend or a neighbor than obviously make sure you trust them fully and that they are around most of the time or at least when you think you'll need them.

  6. Don't wait until it's too late, if your lock or key gives you a hard time don't wait for tomorrow, deal with it now, replacing your cylinder on your apartment door lock or making a new spare key instead of your old worn off one takes very little time and it's almost effortless not to mention relatively cheap, if you do wait until it's too late than you might find the hard way that a locksmith emergency trip to your place on the upper west side ( or any other neighborhood in the city for that matter ), is going to cost you much MUCH more than it would've to take the necessary steps ignored to avoid this ordeal in the first place, so don't be lazy.

  7. When braking the old pattern and doing things you wouldn't usually do on a daily basis like taking a road trip, a vacation or even scheduling an unexpected urgent meeting in your daily schedule, make sure you pay EXTRA attention to where your keys are.

No doubt i can find two more tips for you but I'll leave it empty for educational prepuces, its up to you to figure it out.

There are quit a few things you can and should do in order to make you're not just hanging there when time comes, but if all else fails stay come and Metro Locks!



(Spare car key).


(646) 450-6320